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Who are we looking for?

Who are we looking for?

Our clientele is usually assigned by social welfare offices, IV offices, communities, schools or other institutions and offices.

For IV recipients

We offer sheltered jobs for people with an IV pension. With the help of a supportive daily structure and under the guidance of work-agogics  we promote the skills of each individual employee.  

The employment  takes place with a fixed-term (6 months) contract. The first month is considered a trial and decision period.

welfare recipients

People who are looking for a job in Switzerland for the first time or who are in challenging life situations and therefore have difficult access to the first job market can train with us to (re)enter the professional world. No work practice, weak knowledge of German, physical or psychological limitations - none of this represents an obstacle for our company.

For time-out students

The time-out program is a work assignment for students who repeatedly fail to comply with required behavior at school. It should help to get to know the requirements in professional life. This program creates distance to everyday school life and offers the students a chance to find new solutions.

Ways you can apply

Apply personally

Visit us in our office.


Grindelstrasse 11

8303 Bassersdorf


over the phone

Contact us by phone.

+41 79 931 11 00 | MOBILE

+41 44 525 35 62 | OFFICE

By email

Send us an E-mail.

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